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Call for papers: Anekaant Special Issue

Prof. TRS Sharma's book published  by the Centre

Anekaant No. 6 Autumn 2017-18 Published



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Since its inception in 2009, Balvant Parekh Centre has been organizing programs aimed at knowledge production and dissemination in General Semantics and human sciences. Scholars and students from different parts of the world have benefitted from the programs of the Centre.


The publications of Balvant Parekh Centre complement its programs in fulfilling the production and distribution of ideas and knowledge. Our major publications include books on General Semantics and allied areas, Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought, the Memorial Lecture booklets, Newsletter and Annual Report.


As a space for reading and discussion, Balvant Parekh Centre has a well-equipped library and reading room with a collection of about 4000 books on different fields. We keep on adding new books to our collection. The collection comprises books on General Semantics, literature, language, popular science, medicine, health, psychology, history, history of ideas, philosophy, politics, sociology, studies in religion, and many other fields. Members of Balvant Parekh Centre are eligible to use the reading room and borrow books from our collection on paying Rs. 250/ as a deposit.